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This Journal is friends only. Most of my posts will be f-locked--except for a select few.

I only auto-add people back I've met in person/know through cosplay, etc.

Comment to be added [back] so I know who you are--I have a bad memory, so you may need to remind me who you are~

Don't ask about the banner....I know its special. X3

Comments are screened. :3

Skim Lots'A Manga Project!

So, I have recently taken it upon myself to go through tons and tons of manga senselessly on OneManga.

I'm starting from the top and working my way down... mostly looking for the elements I enjoy in manga, which includes
the genres of Action, Fantasy, Comedy. There are a lot of other genres involved, since those categories are pretty broad.

Elements that I'm avoiding are...
Shoujo, Romantic-drama-type things, Ultra cutesy art, Ecchi (Well, GetBackers was an exception), and sob stories. I am excluding the things that I've already read up to this point... So I'll probably be skipping a lot of the series I already know I like. I will try to make mention of them if anyone wants to check them out, though... XD

Going down the list slowly but surely... and yes, I'm sorta judging a book by its cover when I choose to read. Generally my selections are made after I read the little summary and I skim through a few pages.

0-9Collapse )
A, part 1Collapse )

Attn: Gamers

If you haven't read this already... read it. Hilarious...and sadly true! XD



You Scored as I - Magician

The Magician, represents those aspects of the personality traditionally considered "masculine". He is in control. He knows how things work. He takes action and makes things happen. One that operates through the power of Will rather than brute force. The Magician represents the application of knowledge. The Magician creates his desired reality. When this card appears in a Tarot spread it indicates the attainment of goals through the application of knowledge and Will. If badly aspected in a spread, this card can represent abuse of power. It can indicate manipulation of others, trickery and deception.

XVI: The Tower
I - Magician
XIII: Death
II - The High Priestess
XI: Justice
IV - The Emperor
XIX: The Sun
0 - The Fool
XV: The Devil
VIII - Strength
III - The Empress
VI: The Lovers
X - Wheel of Fortune

SALES [will be updated later as well]

Alright~ After a nice long after con at yeu 's house, I've been cleaning my room like an insane person and I've found a bunch of stuff I need to sell!  I have a feeling that yeu  will eventually have a post like this as well. Definitely. X3

Major thanks to picaaa  for suggesting the idea to me in the first place. It's better than letting stuff other people might want collect dust if I don't need it, right? X3

I also took a look at amande_san 's sale list to get ideas on how to arrange this along with Picaaa's so--thank you both!

Friend's sale pages::


When you take a crazy 14.4 mile walk with some of your best friends ... DEAD TIREDNESS, Leg cramps, a strange burn you never saw coming and a desire for an extremely large Pina Colata ENSUES. :D

Yesterday I walked the freaking length of manhattan [plus a little more] with shiroro and my best friend. Like...WTF were we thinking? XDDD

for more details~


Happy pre-Easter! :D

A moment of pure crack tonight. :3

Byakuran-kun seems a little too ghey. :D



Okay... I barely passed most of my exams... [except mandarin]...and I'm waiting to get Art History back, which I am almost certain I failed miserably.... T_T...

....We get it back at 10:27....and I'm so nervous it's making me sick....ehhh.... like a stomach churning sick.... T_T;;;.....

I'm finally done!

With evil exams...except now, I need to work out my Senior project provided I didn't fail any of my exams. XD; [AKA ART HISTORY/all of the rest of them except Mandarin]

Tomorrow I have a busy day... @_@; I wish I could be free so I could see shiroro and ryomoki! But I've got a really tight schedule from noon till around 8-9... @_@;...rapidfire attack of Badminton+Art History trip+a grade dinner... *sigh* NO REST.

Mmm... Oh. And on Saturday, I'm planning on going to play Badminton in Queens with my doubles partner [near Flushing--website here and here for the queens branch!]... It's super intense because there are super amazing players there! The admission to play is kinda expensive [$14--but $12 if you get a group of 4 or more at Francis Lewis?]...

...SO it's awesome to watch~ :3 Good experience for those who wanna try the sport out! <3 [Spread the shuttlecock love?!]...and after, we were planning on eating in flushing then hitting up Karaoke! [*cough*...HEY SHIRO, my wifey/Uke-chan says she'll go if you go! NO PRESSURE. XD jk. <3] So anyone who's avaliable and up for badminton/has their own racket or wants to rent one for $3 there, you can see us there from 3:30pm-7:30pm! :3


Edit: XD I forget people actually have work vs me [<--slacker]...Ahem. XD;;

Hehe....funny morning

So, on the way to school today, I had the luck of sitting next to this totally crazy drunk dude on the subway. His face was completely red--and I was unsure if he was actually crazy or just drunk--but either way, it was pretty funny.

:3 I hope I've shared some of the fun New Yorker experience we all have here in the big apple~