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Do you hear me?

...I'm talking to you....across the deep blue ocean~

Hmm... what to put in here... X3 Uh. I'm a lot of things, I think. Cosplayer is one of them, along with a Libero, Artist [or so I'd like to claim], A Brearley student, Kuchiki Byakuya, Yukihiko/Natsuhiko Miroku, Oshitari Yuushi [a crafty boy...fufufu...], Illumi, Orochimaru, and more recently, Testament [from Guilty Gear, which I will probably spend my life savings on to make his costume. >.>; PLEATHER AND STUDDED COLLARS, much?]. No I'm not as weird as I look. REALLY. I'm actually one of the most boring people you'll know. >.>...Boring as hell. Don't pay attention to me, alright? It makes it easier to steal your wig, i-pods, keys or food. :D

Oh and I eat a lot. :3